Ventilateur Noir 100 cfm

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The stove fan operates by converting heat into electricity using a thermoelectric effect. In essence the Stove Fan is self-powered when placed on a suitable heat source. The fan requires no batteries and is self-starting.
The Stove Fan operates silently providing a forced, broad heat flow into the room thereby increasing the ‘comfort’ temperature more quickly than by standard warm air convection current.
This fan is made with high quality parts and will give you complete satisfaction.

  • -Operating Range 150°F to 650°F (65°C to 345°C) 
  • -Colors: Gold
  • -Airflow 100 CFM 
  • -Product Size 5.5"(w) x 3"(l) x 8.5"(h) 
  • -Weight: 1.30 LBS, 0.58 KG
  • -Warranty: one Year 
  • -Blade Size: 8-inches
  • -Model: SF-800G 
  • -Color: Black

The Stove Fan is intended for use on Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves within the optimum temperature range of 65oC – 345oC, 150o F – 650 o F. The use of a Stove Thermometer is highly recommended to ensure the fan is operated within the designated temperature range.
The Stove Fan should be placed at the rear of the stove, facing forward, to ensure maximum heat dissipation is achieved.
The Stove Fan will start to operate automatically from a temperature base of around 65oC, 150o F.
The base of the fan is fitted with a Special Metal Strip that will lift the base slightly in the event of reaching maximum operating temperature; this acts as a safety feature to protect the product from damage at the higher end of its working temperature range.
This product requires no maintenance. Cleaning should be effected with a clean dry cloth.
Warranty: This fan are guaranteed 12 months from date of purchase, subject to correct use.
Operating above the stated temperature range will cause damage to the Stove Fan thereby invalidating the guarantee.
Caution:This product will become hot during use so caution when handling is required. When in use please keep this product away from children. Please retain the product box for safe storage to ensure product quality and integrity is maintained.