Genuine US Military MRE (Meals Ready-To-Eat) Heaters Are Includ - Ration Packs

Genuine US Military MRE (Meals Ready-To-Eat) Heaters Are Includ - Ration Packs

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Military MREs by the case. Each case contains 12 different meal entrees with Inspection/Test Date 08/19, 12/20, 01/21 or 07/21 depending on my inventory,
The menu may vary depending on the manufacturer and date of manufacture.

Military MRE
These are genuine military spec Meals-Ready-to-Eat containing approximately 1250 calories per meal. Meals include a variety of Asian, Mexican, Italian, traditional, and vegetarian cuisine. Includes a large assortment of snacks, deserts, cappuccino, milk shakes, and beverage base powders. Includes accessory pack with seasonings, matches, toilet paper, spoon, beverage base, or coffee.  

Product will be made by Sopako, Wornick, or Ameriqual.  Contents may vary from case to case and what is shown in photos and listed in description. Manufacturers frequently substitute products and change meal numbering or entrees. There are no guarantees on what specific contents will be packed.  Non-mil spec candy may be included that does not have the same shelf life as the mil-spec contents. Please inspect and read all best-by dates of non-milspec packed candy products. 

SHELF LIFE: MREs do not have an expiration date. They have an inspection date and a pack date. The Inspection date is three years after the pack date, and the inspection date is the date the Military inspects the cases during long term storage to verify they are still fit for consumption. Manufacturers suggest that meal contents are good for approximately 5 or more years when stored at room temperature. Meals stored in cooler temperatures stay fresh longer. Always inspect the red Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) found on top of the case and verify it is red. Our products are stored and maintained in climate controlled storage.

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International buyer. I ship worldwide but it is your responsibility to make sure you can import this product. I will not be responsible if your package is seized at the customs of your country.
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  • Meal 1 - Chili with beans 
  • Meal 2 - Beef shredded, in barbecue sauce 
  • Meal 3 - Chicken with egg noodles and vegetables in sauce
  • Meal 4 - Spaghetti with beef and sauce 
  • Meal 5 - Chicken chunks 
  • Meal 6 - Beef taco 
  • Meal 7 - Brisket entrée 
  • Meal 8 - Meatballs in marinara sauce 
  • Meal 9 - Beef stew 
  • Meal 10 - Chili and macaroni 
  • Meal 11 - Vegetable crumbles with pasta in taco sauce 
  • Meal 12 - Elbow Macaroni
  • Meal 13 - Cheese tortellini and tomato sauce 
  • Meal 14 - Creamy Fettuccine 
  • Meal 15 - Mexican style chicken stew 
  • Meal 16 - Rib Shaped BBQ Pork Patty or Chicken Burrito Bowl
  • Meal 17 - Pork sausage patty, maple flavor 
  • Meal 18 - Beef ravioli in meat sauce
  • Meal 19 - Beef patty jalapeno pepper jack 
  • Meal 20 - Hash brown Potatoes w/ bacon, pepper & onions
  • Meal 21 - Tuna, lemon pepper 
  • Meal 22 - Asian style beef strips w/ vegetables
  • Meal 23 - Chicken Pesto Pasta
  • Meal 24 - Southwest style beef and black beans

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