NIJ Lvl IV Stand Alone 10 x12 Bullet Proof Ballistic AK47 7.62x51, NATO M80

  • $269.99

  • Back plate NIJ Lvl IV Stand Alone 10x12 
  • Protection Level: NIJ IV Stand Alone, good to resist AK47 7.62x51, NATO M80 bullets.
  • Size: 240 x 296 x 15 mm (9.45' x 11.65' x 0.59'')
  • Composite Type: Silicon Carbite & Polyethylene fiber Armor
  • The plate is lightweight and can be inserted in back of plate carrier vests
  • Edge area is filled with Solid Sponge to protect panel from dropping
  • Performance: Multi shot capability
  • Shape: Single Curved Shooter's cut design